At this site you will find works I got as present or in exchange for my work.
Some of them are done after requests and some I got as "Thank you!" (Naturally these are only network presents and not one from good friends.)

Icon by ~suse~  

This was the first Request I've ever made at the Rocards. At that time Suse did this awefully cute Chibis and I absolutely had to have one of my priest. Didn't she do a great job? One of the sweetest cuddly things I've ever gotten.

Icon by Hyacia  

This picture is created after one of my poems. I added the text later and it decorated the wall at my sleeping room for a long time until I moved. Unfortunately there's no room to hang it uo right now. This is one of the early pictures of Hyacia. Her drawing style changed and improved a lot since then. If I'm able to, I will definitely hang up the picture again. Thanks Hyalein! You did an awesome job. Love your Work. (The poem is not available in english. Sorry.)

Icon by leinef  

Another genius illustrator and beloved acquaintance. She offered at the Rocards Forum to do drawings after requests and I loved her style that much, I just had to request. And I got so much more than I've ever imagined. Not just a simple drawing but a whole comic. You are the best leini!

Icon by Filicia  

This reached me totally by surprise. If I remember right, this was actually "just" for a moderative activity, I had to do. So nothing special at all. Nevertheless I was very happy or to pronounce it right, I was very happy because of it. That was so thoughtful.

Icon by Ran  

This picture was produced due to the work at the Rocards Advent calendar 2007. Ran drew and scanned a picture of every Team-member then. That was really a ton of work and I am still ver very thankful to her. Without her soem of the days would have remained empty. Rani I love you!!! And I love your picture for me.

Icon by Kesy-Yun  

This picture was for an Arttrade with Kesy. I animated a signature for her and she gave me this pencil drawing in exchange. It was realy not aesy for her to meet my expectations and she had to change the picture twice. 8Still sorry for taht q.q) But it resulted in a drwaing that's very similar to me. Even my mom recognized me at once. And at the first try she drew the cutest Chibi, she has ever done after her own words. I colored the outlines later and used the chibi for an Avatar. The whole colored drawing was a present for my boyfriend. It is hanging at his office. So dear Kesy, if you're wondering whether I like this picture... This is the answer: "I have given it to one of my favorite people in the world."

Icon by Filicia  

Since I had really no time cause I had to do so many requests myself and I was running around with the same avatar forever, I asked Filicia, if she would do one for me based on my sprite and textidea... Her reaction was so cute and she presented the avatar to me in two different colours with and without shadow. I wasn't able to decide on one, so I layed them on top of another and animated them with a simple fade. Fili, I really love this Avatar and will always cherish it!

Icon by Hyacia  

For this picture I had to gossip a little and paid a somehow high price. XD Hyacia does know the details. ;-) I wanted a picture of me and even though it does not look like me, i really like it a lot. I still have to change the original drawing against cupcakes.
By the way here is the likewise beautiful sketch.

Icon by Knabba  

This is the utterly cute thank you by Knabba, that I got after working on two of her requests. This was the first time getting a selfmade present in exchange without asking for it. I always begin to cry by watching it, cause I am so touched. If I can do something for you Knabba, just tell me! It will always be a pleasure.

Icon by Zyn Parker  

Another interpretation of one of my poems. Zyn was really worked up because of the challenge and I was happy because she would do it for me. Normally she works more with coloured pencil and her PC-coloured still is not as familira. Here also I added the text later. I really love this interpretation even though the implementation does not work with me 100%. Nevertheless I was really happy about the result. I Think it fits my poem very well. Thank you Zyn! (The poem is not available in english. Sorry.)

Icon by leinef  

This picture was the answer to a game called "Draw the one above me". At this you can choose voluntarily the request of one of your successors. leinef was so kind to accept my request and the result is just awesome!.

Icon by Zyn Parker  

Another answer to the game "Draw the one above me". I requested any character of the Final Fantasy Games, who dances. Zyn had to think immediately of Penelope from FF12. And she drew a Mogry in addition. I love Mogrys! You've outdone yourself again Zyn!

Icon von Wakaba  

This sweet little Doll made me Wakaba as an arttrade. I was happily together for half a year with my boyfriend at that time and I absolutely wanted to made a signature to that event. So I used this Chibi for that signature. At myself Wakaba did an awesome job. My boyfriend she didn't catch as well but nevertheless I love the result! The Doll Base is by the way from this person here: DA Linalvelle

Icon von Bria  

This little fella was a commision I placed at Bria's. It's my rogue Shizuka Muto. Although Bria's chibis didn't always take my liking that much, she did a really awesome job on my character. I love her so much! Bria changed the face at my favour the first time, because I thought it wasn't that great, but the second time really met with my expectations. This way I always imagined my little Rogue. Thanks again Brialein! Actually the outlines shoudl be colored by someone else, but til now this didn't happen. Maybe I will get it in some time or else I try coloring it myself some day.

Icon von Kesy-Yun  

This picture originated from Kesy's wish to try something different. And because she said seh will ALWAYS d something for me, I just placed my commission. This is one of my old RPG-Characters. I still feel attached to her and I am so grateful she came into life again by this way. Kesy had quite a hard time developing the picture because my references were really lousy and I Hadn't any pictures to offer she could rely on. But hasn't she done an awesoem job? I especially like the clothing and the hair. You're the best Kesy!!! Oh by the way. If you have any wish Kesy, then just tell me. I will do it for you, if it's in my possibilities.

Icon von Cruz  

This is an arttrade again. I was absolutely stunned by Cruz' chibis, so I absolutely had to get one and I also wished for Ivil my RPG-Char. (Yes the name is a pun and a bad one...) I was stunned by this picture too and the background, she did because she took some time for the drawing, is awesome, too. After all I did play her always at the elvesgrove. XD But that's something she didn't know. Anyway I am totally thrilled. Arttrade? With You? At any time!

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