What are Minifliegflusen?

Minifliegflusen is originally a nickname, my boyfriend gave me. It is one of his inventive words.
I immediately fell in love with it and by now it is for me amongst others a synonym for all the little ideapieces, that are piling up in my head. But you already knew, if you've read my welcome.

Your work is awesome! Can you make something for me, too?

At the moment I have to say no. I have only short spare time and many own projects.
But you can try to make me an offer.
Though please don't be sad, if I reject it. A consent by me at the moment is just as likely as winning the lottery.

I started to make image editing/sewing/etc. too and have problem xyz. Can you help me?

If you have a question, I will try to answer it properly. But please make sure to inform yourself elsewhere as good as possible by tutorials and the like. Most of them are mor accurate as I can be and I don't like to spend my free time on explaining details, you can find yourself easily.
Furthermore I am not here to tell you ideas. So if your problem lies at brainstorming, don't ask me.

Is it ok to imitate your work?

Sure as long as you don't copy it and mention anywhere the origin of your ideas.
And if you like to use parts of my work please consider, that you may have to pay attention to the rights of a third party.

Where do you take your ideas from?

This is one of the questions, that's really hard to answer. At Requests my ideas are associations to the details, I get as an answer for my questions. (Like favourite color, favourite doings and so on) And in other cases my inspiration just comes to me by looking at anything or reading or just daydreaming.

How long do you take for one Signature?

That's totally different and occurs to how complex they are. So I have no standard answer. So far the time span is between 1-20 hours.

May I use your work by myself?

Generally only after asking me. Like I said all my work has very personal matters and if I made it after special requests, then I need the "ok" from the people I made it for.
You may save it for private purposes on your PC or print it to hang it on your wall whatever, but please don't load it up on other sites or pass it on.

Which programms do you use?

I have the great pleasure to work with Adobe Photoshop CS and Image Ready as well as some other programs od Adobe.