However you found your way on my page, I'm thankful for your interest.
On this site I display much of my creative work.

As you can quickly see, I have a series of more or less pronounced talents, I spend my free time with. Little pieces of ideas I realize according to my mood. Minifliegflusen (freely translated: Miniflyfluffballs).

If you look around please consider, that these pieces of work have a high emotional value and if not for me but for the people they are made for. So be gracious and do not tear my work to pieces nor take it away without permission.
Have fun browsing and please leave a message if you find mistakes in my english grammar.

September 2010


And again no update last month. But this time the sites actually were ready, only I had no time to load them up.
So this is actually the update of the last month.

Only short new, because my head is exploding due to my best friends birthday in a few days and mine following short after. (As I mentioned earlier this is in the past.)

Ok. At the Miscellaneous you can find a tasty cake-photo now and with it a new section. I played a little with marzipan and food paint, what was a lot of fun. The cake went to the birthday of my friend's father and I really got a lot of praise for it.
And that's it for this month. After all I have no time!

August 2010


Nya. Last month no update. I was away for about two weeks and... too lazy. o.o
I will make up for it.

First here's the Signatur for Cruz, I made for our arttrade. Cruz wish looked like that: "Sie ist ein ziemlich temperamentvoller, feuriger Charakter und mir fällt einfach nix Gescheites ein. =__= Großartig wäre, wenn man sie paar Feuerfeile verschießen sieht, damit vll irgendwelche Chars an einer Wand festnagelt." and in addition I asked for her favourite color and which Mythologie she's fond of.
This way I came up with Fenris devouring the moon and the arrow becoming a phoenix-arrow. The idea was that Cruz' character is so mighty that even the stars would obey her. That's why night's changing into day and the stars stay visible.The background is made by myself. For the wolf's shadow I used a reference of the great artist Mobbl. For the Frame at night and the stars I used DA Brushes. But beats me who this are from. I have to track down a few. If somebody has an idea whose brushes I used, I am thankful for any hint.

And finally you have absolutely to visit my souvenirs. I added four new. Two are arttrades, that one with Cruz and one with Wakaba, and two commissions from Bria and Kesy-Yun.
Oh and please visit their galleries. They also appreciate comments to their art!

June 2010


Lala. This time there are three different new works and so I updated quite a few pages. And now only two english pages are missing.
At first I prouldy present my first and probably only RO-Comic. The idea was born while talking with a friend about "size".It was already done last month, but I wasn't quite sure where to put it. Now it can be found under Stories.

Then I really have finished a signature after a long time. The request by Rubi wasn't that complex. "-fight against necro -pala kills it with fortune nife xD and is celebrating with feli (hp), sinus(sniper), morgy(hassa) und felis boyfriend (hwizz) f.e. with new years fireworks" But I had to turn it into some kind of joust and got crazy about the adoption of this idea. Especially in the background the bleachers were horrifying to build and I had to do a lot of Sprite-Edits. But I finished it and I think it was worthwhile. X) Rubi likes it a lot, too.

Last there is a little piece of jewellry. The pendant is build with black round firepolished beads (4mm) and white pearl seedbeads (2mm). The Pendant was beaded at a ca. 0,5mm thick nylon thread and with metallic-pearls in silver (2 mm) and bigger, white pearl seedbeads (ca.4 mm) decorated. In the middle of the pendant there is a wooden bead to keep it stable. (Not sure about the translation of the pealr names.)
Now there is only a few words left to say: I absolutely have to apply a news archive and try to integrate it in php. And the Pop-up Windows for the details of my work should be made. O.o Soooo much work! *wegwusel*

May 2010


The update is a little late this time. The month was really full with work and anniversaries.
I updated the site Souvenirs, because it was really important for me. If you have done something for me, but are not at this site, please tell em right away. I didn't forget intentionally. I am always happy, if I get a present.

If you are one of the poeple and do not want, that I publish your work at this site, please tell me all the more! Then I will take it down as soon as possible.

April 2010


Easter is over and you could mean the stress too. But as always I am so busy.
I've updated Miscellaneous and added some more english sites. And actually I really got something new.
On Easter sunday I was invited at my boyfriend's mom for lunch and so I created a little Easter present. Some beautiful blossoming twigs with Easter-decoration.
White tissue paper, black paper wire (I really don't know it this is the correct english vocabulary for "Papierdraht") and a few onecolored Eastereggs made out of Plastic, opaque white, Watercolor and some yarn led me to the following result:

For more and detailed views, please look up at Miscellaneous "Origami and others".
Oh! Since I told my Boyfriend's mom that she can just take of the Easter-decoration, she might use just the flower twigs as spring decoration by now.

March 2010


Since I had a little time, here's another update.
I completed the site Image Editing and finally added a few of the english sites. However most of them still do not work.

I apologize for any mistakes and sorry I take so long for updating.

February 2010


A little update today.
I added all my existing work to the sites Signatures and Avatars. 66 Avatars and 94 Signatures...

If you have time, please leave a short message to my guestbook at contact. I will be happy.

January 2010


Yay! I still can't believe it, but my site is finally online after I had to delay the work for several times.
She isn't perfect, yet and there is still much I like to do, but this will definitely take some time. For the moment it's ok.

Partly the content is still missing and the english sites does not exist. Sorry! I try to work this out in the next few days as fast as it is possible..