At this site I like to expose shortstories, I wrote. My fantasy is often running wild and so there are a lot of ideas, that can be made to a beautiful story. At my computer are sleeping a lot of unfinished and shattered stories. Nevertheless they are all in German. So in order to read, someone have to translate it and I won't do it. If you like, feel free to do so and send me the translation. I will put it up with credits to the translator.

Some time ago I had the idea for a comic based on the talk with Domme according "bigness". Most likely it will stay an individual project, but here's the result. I hope you have fun with it.
Size is not important!

This is the Fanfiction of my Ragnarok Online Dancer Tokiko. It's not completed, but up to chapter 4 including is the first part of her story fully told.

Tokiko or what live's like (A Ragnarok Online Fanfiction)

She opened her little eyes and blinked out into the world. Her first glance fell onto the smiling face of her mother and the first words she heard, even if she wasn't able to understand yet, were that of her father:„Let us call her Tokiko.“ Just at that moment she discovered the light of this world. A little girl, born in Payon, and her name should be Tokiko.

Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4 - Many Decisions and an Escape
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